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How to Fly a Drone?

 How to Fly a Drone?

I am feeling so happy to telling you if you want to fly a drone first time and searching a flying guide.

Yes, you are in the right spot.

Nowadays, Drone technology is playing the most important role in photography and videography. In fact, this technology practically becomes slandered production equipment for professional filmmakers and photographers.

Everyone is passionate when piloting drones the first time. This step is mandatory to learn about piloting drones. Now, we learn some basic control steps which are used during piloting a drone. 

Main Parts of a Drone:



             Flight control Board


             Speed Controller




Basic Control Functions:

Drones are generally controlled through remote or transmitter. This device is the same as a gaming or toy remote which is control with buttons and a joystick. So, It’s mandatory to learn that how can we get maximum benefits by using all available functions.

Use of Left Stick:

The left stick control two steps one is yaw and the second is throttle.

Yaw (rotation):

By pushing this button the drone starts rotation clockwise and counterclockwise. This step helps to change the direction of the current place without left their recent position.

Throttle (Altitude):

This function is used to change the altitude of drones. By using this function, the pilot can change direction up and down.

Use of Right Stick:

This key is used to control the actual movement of the drone by two steps Roll and Pitch.


By pushing the right stick it helps to fly and roll along with the left to right movement of the drone. This button is normally used to avoid the trees and some other obstacles without changing the position.



This button is used to move the drone forward and backward. Reading these instructions may be so easy but during fly, it may be difficult to fly. So, all the instructions should be read carefully.

Most Important Instructions before flying drone:

All those drone operators who want to fly a drone for commercial purposes are required to get federal aviation administration remote pilot certificate.

This certificate has been issued after passing the test. In case of failing, you may tack again after two weeks.


Another most important thing before the fly a drone is the registration of a drone. It’s also an important part that is mandatory to flying drones for commercial purposes. The registration process will be proceeding by the federal aviation administration.


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