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How to shorten a chainsaw chain?

How to shorten a chainsaw chain?

Almost everyone has chainsaws in their homes but does not know how to shorten a chainsaw chain. We used the chainsaw for trees and garden cutting as well as cleaning the backyard. But there is a need to learn about that how we get maximum benefits by using it.

There is needed to take proper care of this tool. Sometimes we can’t get the actual size against our blade and sometimes after working a few months’ chains get scratched. So, in this situation, we need to shorten the chainsaw chain.

We often visit saw shops to shorten the chain. Rather than purchasing a new chain, removing the link will save your time and money. We can do it easily if we learned about it. It’s not a difficult practice. So, it needs to learn and do its own to get maximum benefits. 

Important Tools for shortening chainsaw chain:

Here we discussed some important tools.

• A wrench

• A pliers

• A rivet gun

• Chain breaking tool

Important Instructions regarding safety:

• Make sure that spark plug has removed from the shop

• If you just do their work by using a chainsaw, the motor and blade will be so hot. So, give them enough time to cool down.

• Proper used of eye protection tools and gloved when using the power tools.

The process to divide into Parts:

We have divided it into three different parts of its whole process.

• You need to cut off the chain from the chainsaw.

• You need to remove any link to make the chain the smartest.

• Need to reassemble the chainsaw and put the chain in the chainsaw.

Chain Removing From chainsaw:

• Search the sidebar and remove both nuts from the sidebar with a wrench or other tool.

• Before the above practice you need to unlock the break otherwise you can’t attach the sidebar again.

• After that, you need to pull the chainsaw bar and you will notice that the chain release tension.

• After this, you need to lift the chain and keep it beside the chainsaw.

How to remove a link for shortening the chain:

Select that link which you want to remove.

• Take a chain break tool and turn the handle in the left direction. Then place the link which you want to cut off in the chain tool and line up the push arm on the pin.

• Move the tool handle towards the right until the push bar out the pin from the link.

• Do the same practice on the other side of the link and remove the chain with a little pull.

• In the last step, you need to connect both ends of the chain and place the pin on the link hole and place the link in the chain tool. Now, turn the handle until the pin is completely placed into the hole of that link. Verify the link whether the pin is tightly secured to the link. Repeat the same practice on the other side of the link.

“Hopefully you enjoy much my few words regarding chainsaw. Keep sharing feedback without any hesitation.”


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